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FY 2021 Budget Priorities

Through their union, the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, Fairfax County educators have been hard at work researching the long-standing problems that affect our school system as well as potential solutions. In January, FCFT released several documents that will help our county address these issues. Due to COVID-19 the county is revising the FY 2021 budget. In April, FCFT sent a letter to the School Board outlining our updated budget demands in light of the pandemic.

Click the PDF links below for the following:

  • FCFT’s letter to the School Board outlining FCFT priorities for the FY 2021 revised budget.

  • FCFT's FY 2021 policy priorities paper, requesting funding for improving the substitute shortage, planning time, mental health, student discipline, and pay increases for educators.

  • Results of FCFT's Planning Time Survey, to which hundreds of FCPS educators responded.

  • Comparison of FCPS late-career and pension pay to that of surrounding counties.

Community FY21 Budget Letter

Over 20 public health, faith, civil rights and education stakeholders sent a letter to the School Board and Board of Supervisors urging them to prioritize our students and communities in the FY 2021 budget.

FCFT April FY21 Budget Priorities

Since Covid-19 we have made some updates to urge the School Board to make the following changes to the proposed FY 2021 budget.

FCFT January FY21 Budget Priorities

We urge the School Board to make the following changes to the proposed FY 2021 budget to improve public education in Fairfax County to better serve our educators, students and community.

Only 5.1% of elementary teachers and 12.1% of secondary teachers report that they can consistently complete the required duities of their job within the current amount of planning time built into their schedule.

Fairfax County Public Schools pays tens of thousands of dollars less than surrounding school divisions in late career salary and pension over an employee's lifetime.

Salary and Pension Comparison to Surrounding Counties

FCFT Planning Time Survey Results 

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