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Member Survey Results

Last winter we sent a member survey out to engage our members, learn what your current concerns are,  hear what issues are most impacting, and prioritize areas to focus based on member input.  Will are using this data as we meet with FCPS School Board members, Dr. Brabrand, and members of FCPS Leadership to…..  As you can see, your voice and your perspective are what drive your union.

Q1. What is your age?

Under 25                         .32%

25 to 34                            12.3%

35 to 44                            16.2%

45 to 54                            36.6%

55 to 64                            27.8%

65 to 74                            6.5%

75 or older                     .32%


Q2. How many years have you worked as a school employee? Please include the entire length of your career.

0 - 1 year                         1.3%

1 - 3 years                       3.9%

4 - 8 years                       13.6%

9+                                        81.2%


Q3.  How long have you worked in FCPS?

0 - 1 year                         2%

1 - 3 years                       7.8%

4 - 8 years                       23.7%

9+                                        67%


Q4.  Did you come to work in education from another profession? (career switcher)?

Yes:      42%

No:        58%

Q5.  What is your job position in FCPS?


(Multiple responses)


Q6.  I work with students in:

ES:                       49.5%

MS:                      11.55%

HS:                       25%

Sped:                  14%


Q7.  How long have you been a member of FCFT?

0 - 1 year          7%

2-3 years          17%

4+ years            76%

Q8.  Have you ever belonged to another union?

Yes:      36%

No:        64%

Q9.  Do you perceive a difference between FCFT and other education organizations in Fairfax County?

Yes:      37%

No:        63%

Q10.  Please describe any differences.

                              (Multiple responses)

Q11.  Generally speaking, how satisfied are you with your current wages?

Very satisfied                                                            6.4%

Somewhat satisfied                                                43%

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied                    13.5%

Dissatisfied                                                                 37%


Q12.  In the past three years, has your work changed?

Yes:      70%

No:        30%


Q13.  In the past three years, have you seriously considered leaving education as a profession?

Yes:      56%

No:        44%


Q14.  In the past three years, have you seriously considered leaving FCPS to seek work in another school district?

Yes:      48%

No:        52%


Q15.  What issues are most urgent to you? (Please rank from 1 - 9, with "1" as your most urgent issue.)

Number 1:  A lack of respect for teachers, paraprofessionals and school employees as professionals;

Number 2:  Uncompensated work outside of contract hours;

Number 3:  Discipline procedures as pertaining to employees and to students;

Number 4:  The loss of teacher latitude in the era of standardized testing;

Number 5:  School safety;

Number 6:  Inconsistency in administrators’ interpretation of evaluation indicators;

Number 7:  A lack of assistance and a realistic time frame to respond to a poor evaluation with meaningful improvements;

Number 8:  The physical condition of your workplace.

Number 9:  An absence of diversity in the teaching workforce;


Q16.  I have other issues of concern:


Q17.  AFT is nationally respected for Professional Development that is free, original, research-based and immediately useful. What topics are most interesting to you?(Please rank; “1” is most important to you; “8” is least important)


Number 1:  Instructional Strategies that Work for All Disciplines

Number 2: Strategies for Student Success (includes “Beyond Classroom Management,” “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” “Differentiating Instruction,” “The Game Factor” and “Handling Stress”)


Number 3:  Foundations of Effective Teaching: Exploring the fundamentals of learning

Number 4:  Helping English Language Learners  

Number 5:  Beginning Reading Instruction

Number 6: Applied Digital Training from Google in use of “G Suite” to prepare for work and life situations

Number 7:   “Thinking Mathematics”

Number 8:  Student Debt Clinic

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