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Our union is a group of professional educators

who decided it's time to change the things

we can't accept. Take the power in your hands. Organize with us! 

What is Organizing?

Organizing is when working people

come together to make things better

through advocacy, agitation, and

collective action. 


We talk to our co-workers and FCFT organizers about what's going on in our schools.​


We come together in FCFT committees to discuss the problems and what we need to solve them.


We know that change won't be handed to us. But we also know that things can't continue as they are.​


​We work through our fear of retaliation and of stirring the pot. We have the courage to demand a school system that works for everyone.


We learn how to demand real changes, not just lip service. We figure out where the power is to give us what we need.​


We organize actions and rallies to show that we need change.​


When we have unity, we have demands, and we have the will to stand up and be heard, that's when we make change.

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