Fairfax Co. Federation of Teachers represents hundreds of support staff personnel within Fairfax Co. Public Schools. They include work as paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, secretaries, and others who provide critical services that support student learning. From contract support to professional development, FCFT works to secure the pay, benefits, conditions and respect they deserve as both professionals and “the engine that keeps their schools running.”

Managing Student Behavior for Support Staff 

Teacher and Student

1.Examine behavior and anti-social behavior

2.Examine strategies for addressing   behavior issues

3.Examine school-wide behavior systems
that promote positive student behavior

The Para Teacher Team - A Classroom Duet

Empty Classroom

To help paras and teachers develop a good
working relationship in the classroom.

1. Teams
2. Roles and Responsibilities
3. Communication
4. Conflict Resolution

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Springfield, VA 22150

T: (703) 451-6840

F: (703) 644-0330

E: info@fcft.org

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FAirfax County

Federation of Teachers

Fairfax Co. Federation of Teachers represents all non-administrative certified and classified Fairfax County public school employees. we are the teachers, counselors, librarians, teaching assistants, clerical employees, and other staff who work so hard to make our schools work. 

Fairfax County Federation of Teachers is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO.