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FCFT Leadership

Executive Board Members

Your union is run by members, for members.

Email if you'd like to get involved in making our union stronger at your school.

David Walrod

Union President

David Walrod is a special education teacher at Lake Braddock Secondary. He spent ten years teaching at the elementary level as both a special education teacher and an advanced academic teacher, before moving to Lake Braddock in 2019. David is currently pursuing a PhD in education leadership at George Mason University. He is looking forward to working as an advocate for all educational professionals.

Lyndsie Galizio

1st Vice President

Development Specialist in the Operations, Strategic, Planning and Communication within the Instructional Services Department.  She spent 11 years working as a School Based Technology Specialist at South County Middle School and 10 years teaching special education at the secondary levels. Lyndsie began her career in FCPS as a Certified Athletic Trainer before transitioning to full time teaching.  She has a M.A. in Education from the University of South Florida, M.Ed. in Special Education and a Certificate in Educational Leadership from George Mason University.  Lyndsie is passionate about supporting teachers and students through true out of the box thinking and innovative practices.

Emily Vanderhoff


Emily is a 1st grade teacher at Hunt Valley Elementary School with 10 years of experience in FCPS. Emily has been a member of FCFT since 2015 and has served on the executive board since January 2020. Her involvement in FCFT has included chairing the Instruction and Student Success Committee, Legislative Committee, and Pay and Benefits Committee. Some of her biggest points of advocacy have included increasing teacher planning time, resolving the substitute shortage, improving staffing ratios, and securing sufficient funding in local and state budgets. Emily is passionate about supporting members in advocating for themselves to secure better working conditions. Emily's hobbies include blues dancing, knitting, and dabbling in the ukulele.

Patty Barbour

Retiree Representative

I spent my entire educational career at Key Middle School in FCPS. I started my career at Key as an Instructional Assistant in the Special Education Department. I taught Social Studies including Civics and United States History II. While at Key, I served as the Social Studies Department Chair, the Civics CT Lead, the U.S. History II CT Lead, the Advisor for several student organizations including the Student Government Association, The Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) program, the Model United Nations, and a member of the Faculty and Staff Advisory Council (FSAC). I graduated from Virginia State University with a B.S., in Business Administration. Upon graduating from Virginia State University, I attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where I received an M.B.A. While in the military I received a Master of Science Degree from the National War College in National Military Strategy. After retiring from the military, I received a Master of Science Degree in Secondary Education from Old Dominion University and a post graduate certification from George Washington University in Education Administration and Leadership. I am a member of the Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and I served as the Springfield representative on the FCPS Human Resource Advisory Committee for two years. I have two children who graduated from Fairfax County Public Schools. I am a proud military veteran that served in the Desert Storm Conflict.

Gregory Darrall

E-Board Member

Gregory Darrall has been an educator and union member for the past 18 years, teaching in three states.  Gregory has taught Spanish, ESOL and is currently working as a Librarian at Cedar Lane School. He is excited about the future of collective bargaining and what that means for the employees of FCPS!

Melissa Griego

Amina Jamai

Nonye Oladimeji

Worksite Leaders
Member Driven Activism

FCFT members are organizing worksite teams across the county.

Building Representatives and Worksite Organizers are your first point of contact with your union. They're school staff just like you, who help you stay up to date about what's going on in your school and how to get involved. Email to learn more about joining or setting up a worksite team.

Get involved to improve conditions in your school and across FCPS.

FCFT Committees and Task Forces are run on a volunteer basis, to make changes in the school system that improve conditions for FCPS staff, families, and students. As a rank and file member of FCFT, you can get involved in union work to improve conditions in your school and across the county. Read more.


Everyone has a voice

FCFT's members form the highest governing body of the union. The Union holds elections for its major officers and its executive board. In addition, the entire membership can hold votes on important decisions. For example, when we win collective bargaining in this county, the membership will vote on whether to accept or reject a tentative agreement, which becomes our contract if ratified.

In Every School and Workplace

When people think of FCFT, they sometimes think of the officers and staff who work full time serving the membership. The union is strongest, however, when it unifies members in your schools and workplaces to enforce healthy working conditions directly with immediate supervisors and administrators. Union staff are trained to support this work, but it takes solidarity among coworkers to address issues when they crop up and make clear to administrators that our rights cannot be violated if they want the school to run smoothly.


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