FCFT Leaders

Your union is run by members, for members.

Email organizers@fcft.org if you'd like to get involved in making our union stronger at your school.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of union officers and elected representatives.

Vacant Seats: First VP, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Vice Presidents

Worksite Leaders

Building Representatives and Worksite Organizers are your first point of contact with your union. They're school staff just like you, who help you stay up to date about what's going on in your school and how to get involved.

Rank and File Activism

As a rank and file member of FCFT, you can get involved in union work to improve conditions in your school and across the county.

FCFT Committees are run on a volunteer basis, to make changes in the school system that improve conditions for FCPS staff, families, and students. Read more.

how FCFT's Democracy Works

Everyone has a voice

FCFT's members form the highest governing body of the union. The Union holds elections for its major officers and its executive board. In addition, the entire membership can hold votes on important decisions. For example, when we win collective bargaining in this county, the membership will vote on whether to accept or reject a tentative agreement, which becomes our contract if ratified.

There is one other important venue in which any member can make their voice heard: union committees. FCFT has both standing committees — specifically established in the Constitution — and special committees to accomplish particular goals. Any member may request to serve as a voting member of a committee and these requests are usually granted.

In Every School and Workplace

When many people think of FCFT, they think of the officers and staff who work full time serving the membership. The union is strongest, however, when it unifies members in their schools and workplaces to enforce healthy working conditions directly with immediate supervisors and administrators. Union staff are trained to support this work, but it takes solidarity among coworkers to address issues when they crop up and make clear to administrators that our rights cannot be violated if they want the school to run smoothly.

Your Building Representative is your first point of contact with FCFT. To be effective, Building Reps cannot work alone. They must put their efforts toward bringing colleagues together, educating members about our rights, and coordinating union members to speak as one. Building Reps are elected by the peers they represent, or appointed by the Executive Board. When voting for a Building Rep, it is important to choose someone you trust who represents the spirit of cooperation among colleagues and is willing to hold administrators accountable for respecting the rights of every educator, not just their friends.

These democratic processes and roles are laid out in more detail in the Union’s Constitution & Bylaws.

Contact The Office

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T: (703) 451-6840

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E: info@fcft.org

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