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Fairfax County public school employees are raising their voices in support of Collective Bargaining. Learn how you can support your colleagues, take action, and stay up to date on latest resolutions.

Fairfax County Public School Employees Deserve A Seat At The Table

Why Collective Bargaining Matters

Collective bargaining is a legal process where representatives of the local union and representatives of the district meet to negotiate over terms and conditions of employment; the agreed upon result is the collective bargaining agreement, aka CBA. The agreement would apply to all employees who are included in the bargaining unit.

What can be negotiated in a collective bargaining agreement (CBA)?

It depends! It is often based on what do we care about and want to see changed. This could include salary/pay, benefits, hours, class size, evaluations, and planning time, which are common items you’ll see in a public school system collective bargaining agreement.

Why haven’t I heard about collective bargaining until now?

Prior to 2021, it was illegal for employees and public sector employers to engage in collective bargaining in Virginia. In 2020, the Virginia state legislature voted to allow school, city, and county employees to engage in collective bargaining in 2020. The law went into effect in May 2021.

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