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A Union In The Workplace Means A Voice For Workers

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You deserve a say in the work that you do, and as an educator, you have a right to join a union. By coming together, you and your coworkers can make your voices heard on issues such as pay, benefits, and working conditions.

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Strength In Numbers

Union members organize for improvements as a group, instead of as individuals. When we work together, this collective force translates into the power to make changes in your school for the better.​

Protection and Support

Your dues help pay for Member Specialists and legal counsel that help all our members. If your workplace rights are violated, or you're being treated unfairly, we'll be able to guide you on the best course of action. You're never in this alone.

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Union educators join, not because we’re against our employer, but because we love our profession and our kids. We know that the best way to ensure that passion is respected is to join with our co-workers and stand together.

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We support one another's personal and professional success.
We stand up for what's right for our schools and our students.
With your participation as an active member, we can create the school system our kids deserve.

Tina Williams and Randi Weingarten

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