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Join a Task Force

Already an FCFT member and ready to get involved with an issue you care about? Strong unions are built on strong and active membership. Through FCFT task forces and committees, FCFT union members are working to solve problems and improve conditions across the county.

To join any of our committees and task forces, email to get involved and help make our public schools better for staff, students, and families.

FCFT Committees and Task Forces, 2020-2021

*List subject to change. Committees/task forces not currently meeting are marked with an asterisk.

Support Staff

All FCFT members who are classroom support staff, office staff, specialists, or otherwise work to support school operations are welcome to join our Support Staff Committee. This committee works on making sure support staff are treated with respect and that their concerns and ideas are heard by decision makers.

Visit our Support Staff page for more information.

Hiring, Equity, Retention

This task force works on creating solutions to FCPS’ long-standing issues with hiring equity and retention, especially of male teachers, teachers of color, and other underrepresented populations.

Return to School

This task force works on all issues related to school closures and returning to physical school buildings due to COVID-19.

Planning Time

The task force is working to improve and protect teacher-directed planning time.


This task force works on building solutions to FCPS’s long-standing substitute shortage, including pay, incentives, credentialing, leave policy, and more.

Special Education

This task force is discussing ways to improve special education in Fairfax County and at the state level.

Student Discipline

This task force works on improving support for students to help improve student discipline in FCPS, especially as pertains to distance learning.

Mental Health*

This task force works on issues pertaining to the mental health of staff and students, the importance of which has been intensified by the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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