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Community Engagement

As an FCFT member, you have several chances to take action to advocate for yourself as a public school employee, support union activities, branch out and support our brothers and sisters in other unions, attend precinct walks and phone banks, meet community leaders and members of your community, plus much more! Check out some of the ways that you can get involved below:

The Fairfax County School Board is charged by the statutes of Virginia and the regulations of the Virginia Board of Education to operate the public schools of Fairfax County by setting general school policy and establishing guidelines that will ensure the proper administration of the Fairfax County Public Schools programs. 

  • Karen Keys-Gamarra, Member-at-Large

  • Abrar Omeish, Member-at-Large

  • Megan McLaughlin, Braddock District

  • Elaine Tholen, Dranesville District

  • Melanie K. Meren, Hunter Mill District

FCPS School Board Meetings

Get To Know Your Fairfax Co. Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors establishes county government policy, passes resolutions and ordinances (within the limits of its authority established by the Virginia General Assembly), approves the budget, sets local tax rates, approves land use plans and makes appointments to various positions.


Contact your Fairfax County Board of Supervisors:

Board of Supervisors Meeting for 2022


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As separate organizations and through the Partnership, we are committed to nurturing and improving public education above all. We are determined to fight for family needs, which must be met in order to make our public schools the equalizer they have been and should be for society. This encompasses quality of life issues, such as health care for all Americans, safe neighborhoods and a caring government.

FCFT's Partners:



We are proud partners of NoVA Outside’s Student Environmental Action Showcase (SEAS). SEAS is a regional event welcoming students from Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax City/County,  Falls Church City, Loudoun County, and Prince William County schools.

SEAS brings these students together to amplify youth voice in environmental problem-solving. Student presenters, green/eco teams, and classroom groups share their projects reducing waste, conserving energy, improving water quality, and preserving natural habitat in their schoolyards and communities.  

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