Families First Coronavirus Response Act 

Important Information for ALL FCPS EMPLOYEES (All Levels)


Congress has passed legislation that places mandates on FCPS’ leave programming in response to our current health crisis.


 THE FFCRA – Families First Coronavirus Response Act is one of several pieces of legislation that addresses the needs of citizens surrounding health and employment. 


The FCCRA Act requires FCPS to provide their employees with paid sick leave and expanded family medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19 effective immediately.


There are two main components of the FCCRA Act: Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) and Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion (EFMLE).  These provisions were enacted to supplement other employee leave benefits (i.e. FCPS sick accruals or FML ‘Classic”).


  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave provides employees two (2) additional weeks of paid sick leave for COVID-19 related reasons​

    • 2/3rds of daily rate of pay, up to cap ($200 daily / $2,000 two weeks) for those who cannot work due to care requirements for family members effected by COVID-19 as above OR cannot work because of son/daughter’s childcare requirements as a result of COVID-19 school or child care closures

    • 100% of daily rate of pay, up to cap ($511 daily / $5,110 two weeks) for government required quarantine; self-quarantine directed by healthcare provider or COVID symptoms and seeking medical care

    • Can be taken simultaneously with the EFMLE benefit, when being used for childcare requirements


  • Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion is a temporary expansion of FML ‘classic’ for employees with at least 30 days of service

    • Provides for 12 weeks of leave for those who cannot work due to childcare requirements as a result of COVID-19 school or childcare closures

    • First two weeks are unpaid (but employee can take the Emergency Paid Sick Leave or other qualifying paid leave during first two weeks), then 2/3rds of daily rate of pay, up to cap ($200 daily / $10,000 ten weeks; or $12,000 total 12 weeks leave period including the EPSL benefits.)


Employees requesting leave under FFCRA may elect to use leave balances to supplement the leave as outlined above when the leave is requested for cases of quarantine, personal illness or to care for an ill family member, as noted in FCPS Regulation 4819.



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