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#RedForEd in Virginia

#RedForEd in Virginia

Red for ed

The Grassroots Campaign of #redfored and Virginia Educators United 

Red for Ed and Virginia Educators United are grassroots movements started by parents and teachers as a way to stand up for Public Education in the state of Virginia and across America. 

Virginia’s overall state support for public schools continues to lag behind levels before the Great Recession.  Our state has the highest teacher pay gap, one of the highest level of pre-recession funding cuts, and becoming one of the least successful at procuring funds for at-risk students.  This campaign’s goal is to renew and restore struggling public schools in order to improve our communities and the lives of our students, families, and colleagues.

Virginia Educators United, is closely aligned with Red For Ed in the fight for the resources our students need. VEU has outlined five main goals. 

  • Restore full funding for public education. 

  • Improve pay for Virginia teachers and school staff to at least the national average-instead of the bottom tier when compared to all other states. 

  • Recruit and retain high quality and diverse educators. 

  • Help local school districts address infrastructure needs. 

  • Ensure every school has adequate professional support staff (counselors, nurses, social workers)

This is truly a grassroots effort. No one group, individual or organization is doing this alone. This is a collaboration of many stakeholders. 

Please join in wearing red on Wednesdays throughout the school year to support fully funding public education. 

Here are some key dates:​

Red For ED Final.jpg

Wear Red for ED

Jan 10th and every Wednesday for the the remainder of the school year Aft Members and allies across America will wear red that day to show solidarity with UTLA members and their efforts to bargain a contract that is good for students and teachers-one that will strengthen, not destabilize, our public schools. 

Street Protest

Solidarity Walk-Ins 

Over the last few years, the AFT and the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools have organized walk-ins at thousands of schools and other work sites across the country to show support for public education. During a walk-in, parents, educators, students, and other invited guests gather in front of their schools 30-45 minutes before the school day begins. Walk-ins on Jan. 15 will express support for Los Angeles Educators and for our own efforts to make public education Virginia's top priority. 

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