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Tina Williams


Tina Williams is serving as the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers president since June 1, 2017. She has worked as a school counselor with FCPS since 2001.  She also worked at Sangster Elementary School for 12 years. Tina is active in the community in promoting environmental awareness issues.  She has worked with our union's national and local office to advocate and advance sustainability initiatives. Tina has been the FCFT Sustainability Committee Chairperson. She serves as a member of the Nova Outside Leadership team this year as well. Tina has two adult daughters who attended Fairfax County Public Schools. She is also an avid athlete and health enthusiast who enjoys yoga, pilates, weight training and running. 

Kathryn "Punky" Orlando

Business Manager

Punky has been FCFT's Business Manager for twenty-nine years. She is an expert in Member Benefits and maintains/handles all the union business needs. She manages the membership database and serves as the FCFT bookkeeper and supports the FCFT Treasurer. 

Katie Mlinarcik

Administrative Assistant 

Katie efficiently serves FCFT members as our receptionist. She is well-informed of member benefits and AFT contact information. She is the liaison between the members and our representatives. 

John McLaren

Senior Member Relations Specialist 

John comes to FCFT as a retired educator from Fairfax County Public Schools. He has also served on FCFT's executive board as Treasurer for 10 years. His background with FCPS and knowledge of the union will allow FCFT to have a unique perspective with member matters. 

Judiann Reyes-Nieves

Member Relations Specialist

Judiann comes to FCFT with over five years of experience in the legal field with a JD and a BA in Psychology.  She looks forward to serving the members of FCFT as a Member Relations Specialist by educating and advocating for members. 

Delia Davis 

Member Relations Specialist 

Delia Davis has 20 years’ experience in education. Having served in many roles including Teacher, Student Support Coordinator, Special Education Director, Assistant Principal, Principal and Leadership Coach. She brings a wide range of experiences to her role as a Member Relations Specialist. In this position, she supports members in developing strategic approaches to problem solving.

Sally Todd 

Member Relations Consultant 

Introduction TBD!

Nat Subramanian

Labor Organizer 

Nat comes to us from DC, with a background of several years in political and community organizing and relationships with the DC organized labor community. As a labor organizer, Nat brings educators together in collective action in FCFT to fight for better working conditions and better learning conditions for students.

Tiffany Finck-Haynes 

Lobbyist / Organizer 

Tiffany is a Lobbyist-Organizer, leading FCFT’s policy and political work at the state and local level and helps FCFT members organize for better working conditions. Previously, she led federal, state and corporate campaigns to reform industrial agriculture at Friends of the Earth and organized campaigns with nail salon workers and day laborers for language justice and better working conditions at Many Languages One Voice. She holds a master’s in labor and global workers’ rights from Pennsylvania State University.

Marguerite O'Connor

Retiree Specialist 

Marguerite is a retired FCPS teacher who specializes in assisting our retirees in all capacities. She has worked in the FCFT offices for many years. Marguerite also produces FCFT’s On the Level and the Retiree Newsletter.

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