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To continue to assist and support our members through this tough time FCFT is open and providing services to our members via telephone and email. Union staff are implementing the Telework option and are closed for face-to-face encounters in alignment with national state, and local guidelines for social distance to decrease the likelihood of spreading the Coronavirus.

FCFT is observing the following hours for the week of Spring Break:

We are Open Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Closed Friday April 10th 

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7405 Alban Station Ct. Suite B215

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 FCFT educators include teachers, specialists, instructional assistants, school counselors, office staff, librarians and more. Our members actively work to better public education by promoting effective public education policy, organizing to improve pay and working conditions, and fighting for better learning conditions for all students.


All non-administrative certified and classified FCPS personnel are eligible to join FCFT.


Our retiree affiliate, Fairfax County Federation of Retired Teachers (FCFRT) is an organization of retired teachers, instructional assistants, counselors, and other educational employees of the public education system. All members of FCFRT are retired from, or at one time worked in the school system in Northern Virginia or reside here in Northern Virginia, but have worked in school systems elsewhere.

Support Collective Bargaining for Virginia Public Workers

Big news! In February, the FCPS School Board voted unanimously to support collective bargaining rights for our states’ public workers. This is significant because Fairfax County Public Schools is the 3rd largest employer in Virginia and has opposed collective bargaining for the past 20 years. The Board’s historic vote recognizes that localities support the rights of educators to have a voice at work and the power to negotiate for improved school conditions. It is a huge victory that leads the way for other school boards in the state to follow. Most importantly, it helps chart the path to a better life for our teachers, better schools for our students and a better community for us all. In addition, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to support collective bargaining.

At the beginning of March, the Virginia legislature passed legislation to allow school boards and local governments to engage in collective bargaining with their employees. The bill is on its way to the Governor for his signature.

With collective bargaining, we will be able to fight for long overdue building repairs, negotiate higher compensation, and push for smaller classroom sizes. Thanks to the legislature, the School Board and Board of Supervisors policy position, this could be a reality, not just a proposal. It’s time for Virginia to give workers the voice and respect they deserve.

“Invest in Fairfax,” Says Grassroots Coalition

Reaction to County Executive’s FY21 Advertised Budget

Watch here to see Dr. Babur Lateef, Chairman of the Prince William County School Board, and Tina Williams, President of the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, join Lindsey Davis Stover to discuss public education and collective bargaining in Virginia. 

Members of Invest in Fairfax, a grassroots coalition of community members, local families, county employees, teachers, first responders and others assemble in the forum of the Fairfax County Government Building immediately following Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill's FY 2021 budget proposal to the Board of Supervisors. They call on the Board to work with the public to pass a budget that invests in Fairfax. Photo by Mercia Hobson.


Contact The Office

7405 Alban Station Ct. Suite B215

Springfield, VA 22150

T: (703) 451-6840

F: (703) 644-0330

E: info@fcft.org

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FAirfax County

Federation of Teachers

Fairfax Co. Federation of Teachers represents all non-administrative certified and classified Fairfax County public school employees. we are the teachers, counselors, librarians, teaching assistants, clerical employees, and other staff who work so hard to make our schools work. 

Fairfax County Federation of Teachers is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO.